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Katherine MacGregor as Mrs. Harriet Oleson
Katherine MacGregor
Mrs. Harriet Oleson

Birthname: Scottie MacGregor
Birthdate: January 12, 1925
Birthplace: Glendale, California.
Credited as: Katherine MacGregor
Hair: Black

       Katherine played the role of Mrs. Oleson, one of the most hated women on television. Born in Glendale, California, she was raised in Wyoming and Colorado. She aimed at a show business career very early in life. She began her career in Broadway's "The Seven Year Itch" and that role took her through television serials, regional theaters, and finally into her role as Mrs. Oleson.

       On the screen, she did mean, wicked and horrible things to the Ingalls family and to anyone else who got in her way. Behind the scenes, she was a cast favorite, with a wild sense of humor that made her the darling with the child actors on the series.

       Katherine wasn't interested in appearing in the "Little House" television movies in 1983, so the writers scripted her character out. In "Look Back to Yesterday" and Bless All the Dear Children", Harriet is out of town shopping for her mercantile store. In 1983's "The Last Farewell", she is seriously ill and in the hospital in the big city. In reality, Katherine MacGregor was on a pilgrimage in the country of India during the summer of 1983.

       In recent years, Katherine still lives in Hollywood Hills, occasionally writes, directs and produces plays for "The Wee Hollywood Vendanta Players", a Childrens Theater Group.

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